Duane L. King
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Mr. King is an embedded firmware and software developer whose projects include guided missiles, industrial controls, bombs, and digital cable/IP settops. He is an expert in c/c++, Ada, and assembly language. He is also an accomplished software tools developer with projects that include, flash programmers, range-ready telemetry quick-look, GUIs, programming languages, and firmware testing suites.

His Open-Source project, interp, is the best platform-independent language for testing embedded computers. It creates a stable environment for development, diagnostic, and manufacturing test software than can be quickly migrated to updated target hardware by simply porting interp to it.

His areas of expertise include:

While his business market sector experience includes:

Skills Languages Platforms
Client/Server2 yrs. Ada5 yrs. Linux8 yrs.
Embedded13 yrs. Assembly9 yrs. UNIX9 yrs.
GUI3 yrs. C/C++10 yrs. Cygwin/Windows7 yrs.
Real-Time10 yrs. FORTRAN6 yrs. Embedded Linux2 yrs.
Simulation3 yrs. Javascript3 yrs.
Web Apps2 yrs. HTML/CSS4 yrs.
  Perl2 yrs.
  tcl/tk3 yrs.
  Visual Basic1 yr.
Other Relevant Skills Software Engineering Tools
Linux Sys. Admin.4 yrs. ClearCase3 yrs.
ORACLE 7.x DBA3 yrs. Visual Source Safe5 yrs.
INGRES 6.x DBA2 yrs. SVN/CVS4 yrs.

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